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Meeting Information

Of utmost importance is providing an environment which allows Al-Anon newcomers and members the opportunity to feel safe and maintains the unity of the group. Due to the ever-evolving situation we are facing right now some groups have opted to hold telephone or web/teleconferencing meetings temporarily in lieu of face-to-face meetings; as such, we highly recommend contacting the hotline # and/or the group representative whose name and phone # appears next to the meeting (if applicable) that you are interested in attending in order to verify the current group status.

Below you will find a list of Nevada Zoom (web meetings) currently being held. Please be advised that this list is not complete and is updated regularly as new Zoom meetings are being added constantly. The meetings are monitored individually by the groups and we cannot guarantee if  the meetings listed below are still current or active.


Northern Nevada Meeting list

Click below to print a meeting list for Northern Nevada Meetings


Southern Nevada Meeting List

Click below to print a meeting list for Southern Nevada Meetings


Meeting Search

Clicking the button below will take you to the Al-Anon World Service Office site meeting search to find a meeting anywhere in the US

Zoom Meetings 

Click on the name of the meeting you wish to attend to bring you to the meeting. You do not need to enter the meeting ID number, as it is already built into the link. Simply click on the meeting name and Zoom should automatically open up.

Additionally, please be advised that this list does not include all Nevada Zoom Al-Anon meetings and will be updated regularly.